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PocketOption / Re: Binary Options Contest.
Last post by PocketOption - Mar 04, 2021, 08:10 am

PocketOption Review 2019-Best Binary Options Brokers 2019-Aloita kaupankäynti ilmaiseksi tänää...|5:51
PocketOption / Re: Binary Options Contest.
Last post by PocketOption - Mar 04, 2021, 08:10 am
How to recognize Binary Options Scam.
Before making an investment with a binary option broker signal service it is recommended to do the following check.
Do a Google search to find any negative reviews regarding the broker signal service you decide to invest with.
You will easily find negative reviews on google if the broker signal service concerned is a scam.
Look for CySec main regulator of binary option brokers and MiFiD regulation.
If they are not regulated do a in-depth research before investing with that broker.
cy en-GB entities investment-firms cypriot you can find if the broker is CySec regulated or not.
Scam brokers will try to convince you to deposit large amounts.
Scam brokers signal services will use pushy sales tactics.
A scam broker will keep on calling you until they finally get the money out of your bank.
Look for the Alexa ranking of the binary option broker.
Generally fake brokers are ranked low and get less traffic.
If a signals service promise yachts and fancy vacations as their selling point you know something is suspicious.
Anything that looks catchy and unprofessional make a research before you invest your hard earned money with them.
There are reputed binary option brokers and decent signal services in this industry who are legit and they enjoy a good reputation in this industry.
As there are endless scams coming out it is impossible to mention all of them so if you find any broker or signal service which you think may be a scam you can send an email to successwithbinaryoption gmail.
com and i will guide you as to whether you should invest with that broker signal service or not.
When done right binary option is very profitable.
Important Risk Warning.
Trading binary options can generate significant benefits but also involves a risk of partial or full funds loss.
Customers must be aware of their individual capital gain tax liability in their country of residence.
CFTC Warning for US Traders If you are trading from USA I do not encourage you to trade with a NON-CFTC regulated broker.
It is against the law in the US to trade with a NON-CFTC broker.
Success with binary option does not accept any liability for loss or damage as a result of reliance on the information contained within this website which includes any educational material or analysis.
Tag binary options brokers scam.
Learn The Facts.
Prepare And Prevent, Don t Repair And Repent.
Binary Options are one of the modern playgrounds for scammers.
In recent years, binary options trading have become extremely popular amongst traders.
This is because it offers investors to trade and earn money easily , however, it has also bought numerous scam brokers owing to improper monitoring and systematizing.
Even though the Binary options trading are becoming regulated, and the scam websites are closing down, there are still many fraud brokers around.
Here are some guidelines to spot the binary options scam brokers and to avoid the binary options scam.
Tips to Find Out the Fraudsters.
Reliable Traders Don t Promise Huge Profits.
To be hounst, reputable traders won t go and call the people by assuring large and quick profits.
When you are receiving such calls or emails from someone inviting you for their services, then there s a possibility that they are trying to involve you in a binary options scam.
A good trader will never break the privacy rules by calling you without permission.
Read the Terms and Conditions Carefully.
Before choosing a trading broker, you need to go through their website thoroughly and be familiar with all their terms and conditions.
Since the terms and conditions are one of their means to escape, make sure that you have read cerfully all their terms and conditions.
Difficulty in Reaching the Customer Care.
A genuine trader will have outstanding customer service because they want their customers to be well-versed.
But, with the binary options brokers scam, traders face difficulties in reaching the customer care.
This is one of the warning signs for traders that they are in fact dealing with scamming brokers.
Check for Blacklist.
There are several scam websites on the Internet which have already been revealed and included in broker blacklist websites.
Check for these blacklists before committing to a trading broker.
Always be careful and stay away from the binary scams.
Withdrawal Issues.
It s one of the dreadful stuff which usually occurs with the fraud brokers.
In this case, the traders who are requesting to withdraw their money will be simply ignored.
Traders looking for withdrawal often get calls from the broker to be assure them that all is ok and they will get thier funds back soon which never happens.
In some cases, the brokers won t respond to the calls or emails from the traders who are attempting to withdraw their money.
How to Spot the Scammers.
Lack of company information on the website homepage plays a major role in finding the fraudsters.
The only goal of Binary options scam brokers is to steal all your money.
Such scammers won t provide their complete company information such as regulatory and the legal terms and conditions.
There are organizations which help you to fight back and recover your funds such as MyChargeBack.
If you have been victimized by any binary options fraud, don t hesitate to call the recovery services.
Binary Options Online Guide To Options Trading.
Binary options are nothing but short term contracts that offer traders the opportunity to make a quick return on investment depending on the assets they select and the amount they wager.
The word Binary means two and binary options trading refer essentially to the two choices that a trader has before placing a trade.
PocketOption / Re: Binary Options Contest.
Last post by PocketOption - Mar 04, 2021, 08:09 am

da 400€ a 4000€ in 30 minuti! Strategia Opzioni Binarie su PocketOption, 50€ bonus senza deposito|10:22
PocketOption / Re: Binary Options Contest.
Last post by PocketOption - Mar 04, 2021, 08:09 am
The full version of this investigation appeared first in Which.
Money magazine.
Money for two months for 1.
How the scam works.
On the face of it, binary options are a potentially lucrative but ultra-high-risk way to make money by speculating on short-term market movements.
When you trade binary options, you re placing a bet on whether the price of a share, stock market or other asset will be above or below a set price in future.
They re binary because every bet has only two possible outcomes get it right and you ll win your stake back, plus profits of 50 to 90.
If you re wrong, you ll lose the lot.
Mike Tomlinson works for the Which.
Money Helpline, which has fielded dozens of calls on binary options this year.
He explains how the scam works.
There are some legitimate companies selling binary options, but even the genuine products should be considered gambling, not investments.
But most binary options brokers aren t really brokers at all.
When you trade with a real broker, your buy trade will effectively be paired against another trader who wants to sell, or vice versa, and you ll be charged a modest fee for the service.
If you win, you ll trade more, and the broker will earn more commissions.
Instead, binary options companies work more like bookmakers.
Customers bet directly against the house.
Your losses are their gains, and vice versa.
They might let you win in the early stages, but only to encourage you to bet more.
They know it s the house that will win in the end.
If companies were upfront about the way they worked, that wouldn t necessarily be a problem.
but often they aren t.
60,000 gone in a flash James story.
We spoke to one investor, who we ll call James he asked us not to use his real name.
He had invested 60,000 with Magnum Options, making dozens of five-figure bets, each lasting a few seconds.
James must have been betting against the house and the betting pattern suggests the game was rigged.
The tips from James s broker were lucrative at first, but when he tried to cash out he was denied and the quality of his tips slumped.
He decided to bet against his broker s recommendations and his account balance kept rising.
Magnum Options has since been shut down by the Insolvency Service, and we had no response when trying to contact its representatives.
The pattern of dubious trading data isn t limited to this company or the instruments that James speculated on.
A former employee of one site told us crooked sites adjust the risk on traders accounts adjusting the settings so someone is more likely to win or lose.
It s not possible to adjust the risk of the stock market.
To put it bluntly traders are told they re betting on an asset price, but in some cases, it appears to be more like random fluctuations that are controlled by the broker that wins when you lose.
James isn t the only person to be burned by a binary options scam.
Our chart shows just how much has been lost to this emerging fraud over the past five years.
If you re not reading this on which.
uk, click here to see how UK binary option scams have been rising.
High pressure tactics exposed.
Dodgy market data is the clearest evidence of fraud we found, but it s not all.
One site we registered with, 24option.
com, is supposedly regulated in Cyprus.
During the registration process we were asked to confirm we were sophisticated investors a technical term that basically means we know what we re doing and waive our rights to regulatory protections.
One of its representatives called us during the registration process, telling us to sign the declaration, even though we told them we had no experience.
The implications of doing so weren t explained to us and any regulated financial company found doing this in the UK could face severe repercussions.
With another site, 72option.
com, a friendly broker, supposedly called David, offered to show us the ropes.
He said that if we deposited 250 immediately, he d match our initial deposit.
He didn t mention the small print that meant we wouldn t be able to withdraw a penny until we d gambled 12,500.
David pushed us to invest immediately, even though we said we had no knowledge of the market and wanted to research first.
He said it was imperative we deposited immediately so we could capitalise on the buzz from the new Apple phone launch, which had happened a week earlier.
This was absolute rubbish if the new Apple phone created trading opportunities they would last seconds, not weeks.
David tried to tell us deposit, rather than trade if we were nervous, and wasn t willing to offer us access to a free training video until we d handed over our money.
Dodgy binary option smallprint.
We were concerned by the terms and conditions imposed by all of the binary options sites we looked at.
Many had initial bonuses, like 72option.
com, which required investors to gamble huge amounts before they had a chance of seeing their money back.
Others had clauses that meant customers could only withdraw profits, rather than their initial stake.
Some charge fees for withdrawals, or limit withdrawals to levels well below the minimum deposit.
If you don t trade for a month or two, many start charging inactivity fees.
Some had clauses that meant the money in our account was technically owned by the site and they were allowed to use it for their day-today-day business operations.
com and 72option.
com have not responded to our questions.
How the binary options scam spreads.
The explosion in binary options brokers is largely down to a franchise model.
Hundreds of brands exist, and and there s a huge industry promoting them.
Ads for jobs for brokers, or to write fake reviews are easily found, as are commissions for people who refer new customers.
UpWork, which hosted some of the adverts we found to write fake reviews, told us that they take action to suspend any clients or freelancers who do not comply with our terms of use.
These fake reviews along with heavily influenced search results, make it hard for people to work out when a binary broker is genuine.
Reviews can t be trusted, and search results are clogged with unfamiliar companies and ads from dodgy sites.
For mobile traders, there are still plenty of these questionable apps in the Android and Apple stores.
Google wouldn t confirm that binary options broking is against its policy, although it did tell us how to report fraudulent apps this can be done on the app s page in the store and we understand it is considering banning binary options outright.
Apple didn t respond to our questions.
The Financial Conduct Authority FCA , Gambling Commission and City of London Police have all warned fraud is rife in the industry, but awareness among potential victims is still relatively low.
Binary options aren t currently regulated as financial products in the UK, but this will change in January 2018 when the FCA takes control of the industry.
Consumers will be able to take complaints to the Financial Ombudsman Service, but only if the company was regulated when they dealt with them.
This won t help people who ve already fallen victim to crooked companies, however, or those who get hit by businesses that aren t regulated.
What you can do if you ve been scammed.
Reported UK cases are now in the thousands, but many more have yet to be unearthed.
Report cases to Action Fraud, the police s financial fraud team, as well as the FCA.
The more victims share information with the authorities, the more they will be able to do to warn others and catch the crooks.
Some victims feel embarrassed, but they shouldn t.
Con artists use every trick in the book to win your trust.
The chances of recovering your losses are slim but it s worth trying.
If the company is outside the UK it s hard to take legal action, as it won t be accountable to the UK authorities.
If you deposited with a credit card you may be able to make a section 75 claim usually on grounds of fraud by misrepresentation.
This won t always work, as credit card companies sometimes treat deposits as cash withdrawals, which aren t protected like purchases.
You can also make a chargeback request if you used a debit card, or contact your bank to block or reverse a wire transfer.
Unfortunately, these often won t work and are at the bank s discretion.
success with binary option.
Experience success in binary options.
In this multi-billion dollar industry there are more than 200 binary options brokers and most of them are fraud brokers and they somehow convince you to deposit money and then they will give you nightmares while you try to withdraw your money.
They will systematically disappear once you request a withdrawal.
In some cases they will freeze the account of a trader once he starts making profits.
They will also convince you to make a large deposit and also make small profits for you and will convince you to deposit more and then when you try to withdraw they are gone.
PocketOption / Re: Binary Options Contest.
Last post by PocketOption - Mar 04, 2021, 08:08 am

I migliori broker di opzioni binarie 2019/2020-I migliori 3 broker per il trading di opzioni di...|8:13
PocketOption / Re: Binary Options Contest.
Last post by PocketOption - Mar 04, 2021, 08:08 am
New York, NY -- SBWIRE -- 01 27 2014 -- Golden Goose Method - Those who end up looking for opportunities to make a profit on the gates of agents Olymp Trade question posed by everyone Are Olymp Trade Trading profitable.
, So when glamorize opportunities to make a profit in the Olymp Trade market.
In many cases, people start creating dreams of achieving high status as currency traders arrived George Soros and Warren Buffett.
If these two cannot succeed can not the rest of the people.
This seems arrogant behavior as the driving force that drives people to engage in a workout Olymp Trade trading.
The fact that the forex market currency exchange Might never know how many people were able to make profits in the forex trading market.
Who knows are a merchant and his agent, who adhere to the Constitution of the necessary secrecy by banking institutions in relation to the accounts of the merchants.
How many people lost their money in Olymp Trade Trading.
Possible to predict this because usually starts traders losers Bloom all the people and circumstances except themselves that led to the failure.
Making a lot of hustle wherever they go so that you Stlahzam and prepare them.
If one takes his answer to the question Is Olymp Trade trading profitable.
Based on the numbers, it is possible to end up to be considered non- profitable Olymp Trade Trading.
Are Profitable Olymp Trade Trading Golden Goose Method On the other hand if people will go to the same question people have made piles of profits in Olymp Trade trading and they will be asked the same question Is Olymp Trade Trading profitable.
, They will get a frank answer.
Users cannot Todd the actual number of these people who are making a profit through the Internet, but certainly there are a small amount of traders who are making huge profits and prefer to stay in the shade and not to reveal their secrets professional.
But if anyone is very serious to know whether Golden Goose Method profitable, they can hardly get on some of the figures by the Committee of future goods trade CFTC and is the authority that regulates forex agents in the state.
Thanks to legislation Frank Dowd dood-Frank , which was activated in October of 2010, the agents Olymp Trade online and who want to deploy their services on American soil in CFTC registration and approval of some of the requirements on them.
One of these requirements is to report on the percentage of profit or non- profit trade customers, which are carried out under the supervision of a forex agents.
com Golden Goose Method is a new Binary option App by Kevin which will Help to Bank Up to 3,859 daily on autopilot.
It is regarded as one of the most ground breaking binary options software in the market.
Source PR Apex Posted Monday, January 27, 2014 at 11 16 AM CST - Permalink.
Tips to Succeed Online.
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Tag Archives Binary Option Robot scam.
My Review for Trading.
Find out the truth whether is Binary Option Robot a Scam or a legit trading software.
This so called automated trading system has over 80 winning rate.
Now, is this all real and can be trusted.
Bare with me as Continue reading.
Many binary option traders started off trading with the common high-low binary option.
Once they are more experienced, many binary option traders will look to more advanced types of options to get an edge on the market.
Note that even the term binary option carries different meaning depending on where you reside.
In this article, we are talking about the more popular variety, which is the european binary option traded outside the United States.
High-Low Binary Options.
This is the most common type of binary option used by novice traders.
Traders buy a call if they expect the underlying price to go up or a put if they expect the underlying price to go down.
One Touch Binary Options.
When a trader purchases a one-touch binary option, a payout is earned when the underlying asset price reaches or surpasses a specific price barrier anytime before the option expires.
No Touch Binary Option.
Conversely, for a no-touch binary option, a payout is earned when the underlying asset price does not reach or surpass a specific price barrier before the option expires.
Double One Touch No Touch Options.
With double touch no touch binary options, there are two price barriers - namely the upper or lower price barrier - for the underlying asset price to either hit or miss in order to receive a payout.
Winchargeback Now Helping Binary Option Scam Victims with New No-win No-fee Plan.
News provided by.
Apr 24, 2017, 09 00 ET.
Share this article.
LONDON , April 24, 2017 PRNewswire --.
Having started out in 2013, Winchargeback is consulting agency that has helped many people get their money back from online scammers in the binary option industry.
The company is now pleased to announce their latest plan that has been crafted specifically to better suit the needs of Winchargeback clients.
Reportedly, the new plan is a basic Full Guidance plan that operates on a no-win, no-fee basis.
Winchargeback is a team of professionals that helps online scam victims get their money back from binary option scams.
In order to better serve their clients, the company is now offering a new plan on no-win, no-fee basis.
While the company offers an array of other plans so that each client can chose the best for his her needs, this is Winchargeback s first ever plan to boast the no-win, no-fee feature.
A spokesperson for the company made an official press statement to discuss the new plan Here at Winchargeback, we are an extremely client oriented company.
With a success rate of 91 , our team of industry professionals works relentlessly to better serve our customer base.
We work constantly to make our services more and more better every day.
The spokesperson further added We are very happy to announce our very first plan that works on a no-win, no-fee basis to help those who have fallen victims to online frauds such as binary option scams.
If clients opt for our new Full Guidance plan, our team of professionals will work around the clock to make sure everything is handled immaculately.
Full features and the plan terms and conditions can be seen on our website.
Under the Basic Guidance plan, the experts at Winchargeback will review the clients case for loopholes, collect evidence and prepare a winning dispute.
About Winchargeback.
Winchargeback is a consulting agency that helps online scam victims get their money back from frauds such as fake Olymp Trade brokers, binary option scams and more.
Started in 2013, the company is the endeavor of Rebecca Goodwin.
Boasting over seven years of experience in the finance industry, Goodwin started her endeavor in order to help victims get their deposit back.
Contact Rebecca Goodwin Phone 44 0 203-286-0101 email protected.
Inside binary options Britain s biggest investment con.
UK investors have reported losses of 50m - and the true figure could be far higher.
Binary options are one of the fastest growing financial products in the world, but in most cases they re quite simply a fraud.
UK investors have reported losses of more than 50m to binary options scammers, according to the police, including 18m in the first half of 2017 alone.
The true number could be far higher dozens of Which.
members have been targeted, and the Which.
Money Helpline is currently getting up to 15 calls a month from victims.
Losses are typically a few thousand pounds but, in the worst cases, we ve spoken to victims who have lost hundreds of thousands.
Since binary options first appeared a decade ago, the industry has grown to hundreds of companies, duping victims out of billions of pounds a year globally.
And a new Which.
Money investigation has exposed the unfair contracts used by dodgy firms, including clauses that let brokers rig the market against you, or treat your money as their own.
We found salespeople willing to say anything to get us to invest, and uncovered smokescreen tactics that make it hard for potential victims to see who they re dealing with or who they can really trust.
PocketOption / Re: Binary Options Contest.
Last post by PocketOption - Mar 04, 2021, 08:07 am

Đầu tư forex hay giao dịch quyền chọn nhị phân cái nào an toàn và kiếm nhiều tiền hơn -Forex15phut|7:47
PocketOption / Re: Binary Options Contest.
Last post by PocketOption - Mar 04, 2021, 08:07 am

La migliore strategia di opzioni binarie per principianti e Livetrading con PocketOption-Guada...|5:49
PocketOption / Re: Binary Options Contest.
Last post by PocketOption - Mar 04, 2021, 08:07 am
Binary trading is an excellent way to make additional income in one s spare time, even if people don t have much experience, but once they get good at it can absolutely replace their day jobs income.
People don t need to pay anything to download Click Click Profit software.
It is completely free of cost.
Start the software and create a free account.
Once users have finished registration, their software license will be activated for next 90 days free of cost.
The software then starts searching for binary signals and will alert people when there is any profitable binary signal.
All people have to do then are open position in that particular trade and the software will handle the rest of the work.
It is easy to get started making money and users would like to have fun doing it.
There are no setting stop losses or target limits, no staying in a trade too long, no margin calls, no difficult trading decisions, no waste time and efforts.
Instead, there are clear and simple signals, trade indexes and currencies, which are very easy to trade.
What make people feel cautious is that they should have a monthly fee to pay for it.
People may feel it is a little high, but it is valuable compared with the money it brings them.
- Now ANYONE can trade for fun and profit - Trade indexes and currencies - Make up to 75 per TRADE - No commissions or fees - 24 Hour market trade whenever you want - Multiple trading signals every day - Amazing 72.
5 accuracy creates remarkable results - Easy to withdraw your profits.
com Click Click Profit is definitely a must have product if users want to make money from trading Binary Options.
They should be aware that Olymp Trade trading is a hugely profitable market and it is getting bigger and bigger.
By using this Click Click Profit system and software, it saves one s time to quickly profit from trading.
This is really making people fast money.
If they struggle to generate any income online, they should give this a try.
Media Relations Contact.
Follow PR Apex.
Related Images.
Source PR Apex Posted Monday, January 27, 2014 at 12 30 PM CST - Permalink.
For information regarding the content of this press release please contact the media relations contact listed above directly.
How To Choose Binary Options Broker.
Best Binary Broker.
Only for experienced traders.
ZuluTrade Olymp Trade broker review and feedback.
Social trading feature.
ZoneOptions Broker Review.
com Review Is Zikhash a Scam or Legit Mining Platform.
Zentecy Group Review Is zentecy.
com Review Is Zenith FX Trade Legit Or Scam.
com Review Is Zeiss Bank Scam or Should I Invest.
com Review Is Zakka Online a Scam or Legit Clothing Store.
Com Trade Review Binary Options Hub.
XXL Olymp Trade Real Profit Review Is Xxlforexrealprofit.
The Straits Times.
Investors lose over 2.
4m to binary option scams.
Police investigating string of complaints over unregulated, mainly offshore trading.
The MAS has warned investors of the dangers of binary option trading, saying many offshore trading platforms are fraudulent and that such options are risky and speculative.
Read and win.
Read 3 articles daily and stand to win ST rewards, including the ST News Tablet worth 398.
Good job, you ve read 3 articles today.
Spin the wheel for ST Read and Win now.
More than 40 people in Singapore have lost in excess of US 1.
7 million S 2.
4 million after being lured to take part in an unregulated, sometimes fraudulent and mainly offshore activity known as binary option trading.
One victim of the scam lost a staggering US 693,000 after engaging in this highly risky trading, which is banned in some jurisdictions.
Singapore police are investigating a string of complaints and disclosed the eye-popping losses yesterday, in response to queries from The Straits Times.
Binary option trading involves investors predicting if the price of an underlying instrument - shares or currencies, for instance - will be above or below a specified price at a specified point in time.
This can range from a few minutes to a few months in the future.
They receive a fixed amount of money if the prediction is correct, or lose the investment otherwise.
It is essentially yes or no betting - hence the name binary.
The scam is a growing problem worldwide.
The authorities in the United States, Canada and other jurisdictions have warned of the risks involved in such trading.
A binary option is a type of option contract that references an underlying instrument such as shares and currencies , where the payout will depend entirely on the outcome of a yes or no binary proposition.
With a binary option, you are trying to predict whether the price of the underlying asset will be above or below a specified price at a specified point in time, ranging from a few minutes to a few months in the future.
For example, you could be predicting whether a particular firm s stock price will be above or below 3 at 1.
05 pm on a particular day.
When the binary option expires, you will receive a pre-determined cash payout if you have predicted correctly.
If not, you lose all your investment.
The starting investment amount is usually low, the timeframe for knowing if you won or lost is short, and the potential payoff is usually high.
However, in reality, many online platforms offering binary options trading are scams.
The investors either lose all their monies, or cannot withdraw the balances in their accounts as withdrawal requests are not honoured.
Last month, the Monetary Authority of Singapore MAS warned of the risks of trading binary options, saying many offshore trading platforms are fraudulent and that such options are risky and speculative.
Yesterday, the police here said that binary option providers use a number of ways to attract victims to trade on their platforms.
One of the more common methods involves the use of advertisements, which victims see when browsing the Internet or social media websites.
These ads can take the form of paid surveys or articles with catchy headlines, such as The secret to making fast money.
A police spokesman said We have also seen some advertisements which featured interviews with supposed millionaires who made their fortunes from trading in binary options.
After responding to such advertisements, victims would be asked to leave their personal details or be directed to binary option websites.
also advertise their services via spam e-mail promoting automated trading software or congratulating the e-mail recipients for being selected to join as a member or sign up for accounts.
Another tactic involves offering bonus trading credits to entice victims to transfer more money to the providers.
For example, victims may be promised an additional 250 in trading credit for every 1,000 they transfer to their trading account.
When asked about the progress of investigations, the police said they are working with foreign law enforcers, as almost all the binary option providers in investors complaints are based overseas.
The bank accounts used to receive money from investors are also offshore.
While these pose challenges, the Commercial Affairs Department is working closely with the overseas law enforcement agencies, said a police spokesman.
He added We would like to remind the public to be alert to the risks of transacting with foreign operators without any physical presence in Singapore.
Do not transact with any parties, share personal particulars or send them any money if you are unsure.
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
On Dec 14 last year, the Singapore police issued an alert advising investors to check lists compiled by the MAS to find out which investment service providers are regulated.
Back then, the police received more than 30 reports from investors who lost more than US 1 million to unregulated binary option trading platforms.
Since then, more than 10 investors have made complaints involving binary option trading to the police, with the total amount of losses reported in these new complaints amounting to about US 700,000.
The amounts invested ranged from US 250 to about US 693,000.
PocketOption / Re: Binary Options Contest.
Last post by PocketOption - Mar 04, 2021, 08:06 am

İkili opsiyon stratejisi-15 Yeni Başlayanlar İçin İkili Opsiyon Seçenekleri Stratejisi @ Cep S...|4:20
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